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I am born in Tienen in March, 1956 as the son of an agriculture family and spent the most of my life in the rural village of Hoegaarden, famous for its White Beer.

Besides my studies in electromechanics I graduated as photographer in 1985 after a 3 years training.

I am passionated by portraits, glamour and artistic nudes on one hand and nature and wildlife photography on the other hand.

To realise my projects I use a few Nikon D800 digital camera’s and work in studio as well as on location.

For nature and wildlife I preffer the Nikkor 18-36 mm, the 28-300 mm and a Sigma DG 50-500 mm. For the studio I generaly use a Tamron 24-70 mm/F2.8.

Together with some soulmates I founded HoegArt, a photographers collective ...

Thanks for visiting my website, enjoy my pictures and hopefully we will meet again here ...